About Colin Knight Real Estate


Since opening our first Balwyn North office at the end of 1977, it was decided to do the exact opposite to what every other real estate agency was doing. Yes, we decided to explore the fascinating world of rentals.

At that time, other local agents shunned rentals and those that didn’t, just allowed the office support staff to do whatever, when a rental came in.

It didn’t take long before we became known as the rentals experts. In fact, whenever a curly situation arose, it was common for our phone to ring and we were always happy to give our advice to other agents whenever called upon.

Today, 40 years later, we are still honing and practicing our skills to provide an ultimate experience and the best returns for our landlords, many going back 30 years and more. Now we lease out many homes for their kids!

Considering Colin Knight has been at it for some 40+ years and his youngest son, Justyn Knight, having completed 26 years, there is no other agency with the vast experience to offer in the property management field.

Following on from those early years, Colin and Justyn have been ably supported by two of his sisters, Vennessa and Jenelle, as well as Justyn’s wife Jane. Completing the picture, both Rosie and Kerry, apart from attaining many years’ experience in the real-estate and banking industry at senior level, including overseas appointments, play a major role in providing a property management service at the optimum level exceeding market expectations.

This package provides a total team effort in that all property owners enjoy the benefits of a single boutique office located in a prime location, staffed by mature professionals all of whom play an integral part in each property.

This unique method has been widely acclaimed by our owners as a major benefit to them, year in, year out. Even when one team member is away or on leave, every property remains at 100% optimum level by the team.

Nothing beats minimum vacancy, highest and best rental, as well as knowing your tenant/s have been professionally screened.